What she didn’t know was,If a person lives in a person’s heart,No matter how good she hides, she can’t hide it。
Two days later,Mo Xiaosheng ignored the opposition between Qiao Yi and Qiao De,Directly donated the post to the world of cultural relics“Half of the country”Heyang Museum。
Appraised by top domestic experts,This pair of Ming and Tie is very likely to be the original Wang Xizhi,Even if not,Or at least a copy from before the Sui Dynasty,High degree of reduction、Well preserved,Unique。
For a while, the whole China was shaken,Countless people want to come and see this peerless treasure。
Heyang Museum was under tremendous pressure,In the name of building an exhibition hall separately,Claim not to show to the public for three months,To calm the heat。
And as a donor, Mo Xiaosheng,But got the privilege,Heyang City Museum awarded him a medal,And gave him three museum passes,From now on,He can bring his family and friends over to watch the collections including Ming and Tie at any time,And free for life。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t want this honor,He gave it to Qiao Yiyi’s father,Chord。
therefore,Qiao De became a celebrity in the antique circle of Heyang for a while,Popularity,Even overwhelmed Tang Li,Countless guests visit each day,At the beginning,Jodh is full of joy,But every day a lot of people come,Gradually overwhelmed,I had to thank you behind closed doors。
First0017Zhang Yupei help
Jodd’s spring breeze,Naturally, it was given by Mo Xiaosheng,But he didn’t accept Mo Xiaosheng’s affection。
Mo Xiaosheng doesn’t care about this either,Why he is here now,Is because Joey is here,If Joey is not here,Or divorced Qiao Yiyi,He will leave Heyang City immediately,Back home。
Since that night,Mo Xiaosheng and Qiao Yiyi were a little embarrassed when they met each other,Little communication。
Mo Xiaosheng even regrets,If it wasn’t for too much alcohol that day,I don’t know how to say those things。
This morning,Mo Xiaosheng was woken up by the phone ringing before he woke up,It’s from Wang Xuan。
“Hey,Mo Xiaosheng,Where are you now,I have an important thing to tell you!”Wang Xuan’s tone on the other end was quick。
“I am at home。”Mo Xiaosheng sat up,Yawned and said,“what happened,what’s up?”
He suddenly remembered that Wang Xuan Yintang had a black air the day he met,Asked hurriedly,“Did something happen to you?”
“I’m fine,……Damn,One or two sentences are not clear,Let’s talk about it when we meet。”Wang Xuan was quite panicked in his words。
After hanging up the phone, Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly got up,I went to the coffee shop across from the community,He and Wang Xuan made an appointment to meet here。