This is not loud,But let one side also finish reading the rough stone,Xu Yi, who couldn’t find a better rough, heard it。
“You must be wrong,Your piece cannot be crystal jade。”
“If it is a crystal jade,Shine in with strong light,It will reflect a very strange light,But the one in your hand,No light appeared。”
Lin Yu got in with a strong light just now,Xu Yi paid attention。
Precisely because of this,Xu Yi who is ready to come out now,Heard what Lin Yu said,Explain to Lin Yu again。
Lin Yu did not expect,The other party can say so much。
And said,Nothing wrong。
But the other party is wrong,Then it’s wrong in one place,This one is that the other party shouldn’t see it with naked eyes,Pay more attention to the appearance of the jade and the soil on the rough stone。
glare,Can only see one,That’s how transparent he is。
Think of this one,Lin Yu thought that the other party was his apprentice,Open road:“Do not,You missed two points,That is,In addition to the strong light, the rough stone,Also need to look at the appearance and the soil on the rough stone。”
“and so,You read wrong,This is not waste rock。”
“Ha ha!!Not waste rock?”
“My fancy,Haven’t missed it yet!”
“especially,I also inherited my master,Li’s all skills。”
“but,Since you said that,or?
How about we make a bet?”