Gold Soul Coin!
There are more than 20 gold soul coins!
You know that he worked hard in Notting College for only eight Gintama coins for a month!
Noble,Met a noble person!
The young doorman suddenly realized this!
“This young master,I might be a bit rude,Please don’t take it seriously。”Take over the Golden Soul Coin from Zhao Ming,His hands are still shaking at this moment。
“Nothing。correct,What’s your name?”
“Young master,The little one is called Li Qi,It’s the guard here。”The young man said flatly。
“Li Qi,Have you seen a person named Tang San recently?”
“Tang San?No。Is this young master’s friend?”Li Qi asked curiously,I wrote down the name secretly。
“You think too much,Me and he are not friends。”Zhao Ming smiled slightly,There was a trace of disdain in his eyes,And this happened to be caught by Li Qi。
“Young master,do not worry。We will entertain him well。”The doorman said sinisterly。
“I didn’t say anything。”Talking,Zhao Ming has gone far。
When I was reading the novel,Zhao Ming has seen Tang San upset for a long time。
Now that I have come to the plane of Douluo Continent,,The first thing is to beat Tang San!
Tang San and Master are not good things。