Several autumn and winter foods help you

What breasts do you eat?
Several autumn and winter foods help you

Persimmons should say the most seasonal fruits in autumn, and there must be persimmons.

Persimmons contain a lot of vitamins, which are very nutritious and have a very good health effect.

Persimmons can be used to clear away heat, moisturize the lungs, and quench the thirst.

On the verge of autumn, if you want to eat delicious and nutritious breast food, you must eat persimmons.

Sweet potato sweet potato is one of the most common coarse grains, containing a lot of starch, vitamins, cellulose, and a variety of minerals.

Autumn and winter are also the season of sweet potato ripening. In the autumn, it is best to boil sweet potatoes into sugar water.

In addition to sweet potatoes, sweet potato leaves also have a good anti-cancer health effect.

Lotus root lotus root is crisp and dry, can be cold-mixed, can be fried, or can be placed in ribs lotus root soup, the taste is also very good.

The folks have had this saying since ancient times: “The summer should be simmering, the autumn should be cooked, the raw food should be fresh, and the cooked food should be strong.”

Therefore, lotus root is a kind of breast food that is very suitable for eating in autumn.

Jujube jujube and jujube are all jujubes, but jujube is more juicy than jujube, and the flesh is more full, more crisp and taste better.

It is said that jujube can breast enlargement because it contains many nutrients that are very beneficial to the breast.

The protein content, carbohydrate content, and vitamin content of jujube are very high.