“I’m fine,very sorry,I just lost my mind。”
Song Junming also said politely。
“So let’s continue the topic just now,I will explain it to you seriously;I neither sympathize with you,Not pity you,I care about our friendship,and so,Be my brother。”
Yang Shiyun said solemnly again。
“Don’t you think this is a bit ironic and ridiculous?An excellent police chief,There is an older brother who is serving a sentence in prison?Are you afraid of being laughed at by others??”
Song Junming asked seriously。
“Am I afraid of gossip?You are peaceful enough to know me the first day?”Yang Shiyun smiled and answered。
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The first thousand eight hundred and eighty-three chapters Which string is wrong again
? “But in this case,I might affect your future!”
“My future,Compared with our friendship for more than ten years,Nothing at all。”
Yang Shiyun answered decisively,In fact, she has just made a decision in her heart;She plans to finish this matter,So I asked Liu Yong to resign!Because she feels that she can’t keep feeling guilty,Continue to stay as a policeman……
She’s not in a hurry,She thought about it,Regarding Song Junming,She really feels ashamed of herself。
“You must be crazy,Or the brain is flooded!”