The prestigious Dragon King Different Dimension,Turned out to be like this,It’s ridiculous。
Xia Chenglong can’t manage these at this time,Because when his attack is successful,The opponent also started the next attack。
The steel sword leaves a light on the whip,The dark iron chain turned into a real ghost,Hovering beside peter。
“Kid,You have to be careful,If you can stand up after this trick,Count me lose!”
“Haha,Then I really have to be careful!”Xia Chenglong gave a wry smile。
Turn spirits into things,If you can reach this level, you must at least enter the Holy Land,In addition, that is the ability possessed only by the advanced martial skills of the mysterious rank。
Really unexpected,This guy has a high level of martial arts。
You Mang spit out the letter,Looks terrible!
“Hehe,Baby apprentice,It seems that your dream of going to Shengde Academy is going to be shattered,This trick is very strong,You can’t stop!”I don’t know if Mr. Bai is kind,Deliberately joked and reminded。
What Xia Chenglong said is to ask the strong of the gods, okay,How can I not see the special features of this trick。
“old man,There is a kind of don’t talk cold words,Won’t you help me?”
There is really not too much aura in the body,Otherwise, he has a hundred ways to accept this level of attack。
Peter shot,You Mang went from the ground to the air,Let’s just hit the top of Mount Tai,The huge mouth is like a black abyss,Want to swallow him alive。