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In fact, it ‘s not great to use flour, as long as you match the ratio of yeast powder, you can quickly make flour, but many people find that the flour they send is not so good, and they always feel quite bad.It ‘s delicious. This is because the proportion is not good, and always choose to ferment in a warm place, so that you can speed up the baking time.

1. For health, use half of the whole wheat flour, add half of the white flour, and pour it into the basin. Use a chopstick to poke a pit in the middle, pour a small amount of water, and put an appropriate amount of yeast powder.

“Appropriate amount” can be seen on the yeast package. It may be inexperienced at the beginning. There will be a problem of putting more or less, but it doesn’t matter. If you put less, the fermentation time will be longer. If you put more, it will not affect.what.

The key is to look at the date of production and shelf life of the yeast. If you use the expired yeast, you ca n’t make it.

2. While adding water, stir with chopsticks until the flour becomes flaky.

3, knead the hands into a ball until the “three light”, face light, basin light, hand light, just fine.

4, wipe some water on the surface of the dough, moisturizing.

5. Cover the lid and let it ferment in the warm place.

6. The fermentation time depends on the temperature, shorter in summer and longer in winter.

When the volume of the dough expands to two to three times the original volume, it is fine.

7. To test whether the fermentation is successful, you can use your fingers to dip some flour and poke holes in the dough. If the holes rebound immediately, it indicates that the fermentation is not enough and fermentation is still needed. If the surface of the dough is collapsed, it means that the fermentation is overdone.For example, baking soda is neutralized.

8, look inside the dough, there will be honeycomb-like holes.

Active dry yeast (yeast powder) is a natural yeast extract, which is rich in nutrients and more valuable, it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is basically completely rich in vitamins, and it also has a protective effect on the vitamins in flour.

Not only that, the yeast can increase the B vitamins in the dough during reproduction.

Therefore, the fermented pasta products are several times more nutritious than fermented pasta such as cakes and noodles.