Mingcheng’s speed has dropped,But it was very stable along the way,And the road they take is indeed less car,No traffic jams。
Rushed all the way for more than forty minutes,Mingcheng found a way to go to the airport from Wanchen,He braked the car to the side of the road,Chongmo Xiaosheng said:“We wait here,Sure to wait for them!”
At this time, the person staring at Wan Chen sent another position,Mo Xiaosheng hooked the corner of his mouth,Smiled:“Brother Ming,ready,They are coming soon!”
“it is good!”Mingcheng immediately started the car,There was a rare sneer on his face。
He is a born killer,Every time there is a battle to fight,Someone to kill,He feels all over,Excited!
“coming,Brother Ming!”
Mo Xiaosheng immediately pointed at Wan Chen’s car from the traffic,Ming Cheng’s face was dazzling,Immediately stepped on the accelerator and turned off to Wan Chen’s car。
Because this is not a main road,So there are not many vehicles,Mingcheng stepped on the accelerator,The front of the car banged into the front of Wan Chen’s car,The two cars slammed into the guardrail in the middle of the highway again.。
The cars behind immediately honked their horns and passed quickly。
“Grass your mother,No eyes!”
The driver in Wanchen’s car immediately stuck out his head and yelled at Ming Cheng。
Wan Chen touched his sore head,Rolled down the window and took a look at the Wrangler,Immediately told the driver to say:“Don’t pester them,go,fast,Go to the airport!”
“Wan Zong,Why are you going to the airport in such a hurry??”
Mo Xiaosheng has also rolled down the window,Arm on the window edge,Looking at Wan Chen with a smile and asked。
First410Chapter is a demon
Wan Chen just ready to roll the window,I can’t help but look up when I hear this familiar voice,After he saw Mo Xiaosheng’s face clearly, his body was jolted,The frightened driver trembled:“fast,Drive fast!”