When found,This Miran,It’s been less than a day,It also changed from an entry level to an early yellow level cultivation base,The whole person was shocked。
To know,At first I spent a day and a half,Only then entered the yellow level。
of course,There are cultivation methods in the realm of cultivation,Just started practicing,It’s easy to enter the yellow level,After becoming yellow,Want to be mid-term,It will take some time,Not that simple。
but,If there is no practice in the cultivation world,Don’t say a day,Even ten years,a hundred years,May not have the chance to enter the yellow level,Become a true cultivator。
“Yes!Just broke。”
“But this one,Thank you, Master, for your advice。”
Miran knows,Now is the time to flatter yourself。
If my flattery is loud this time,maybe,Own master,Give yourself a new set of cultivation methods!just,Miran thinks too much。
Brother Li is not interested in this flattering at all。
I heard Miran,Replied with a serious face:“of course,Who am you master?
That’s a big disciple of Lingshan School,You can break through in one day with just a few pointers,This is normal。”
“Think of me,Still in my mother’s belly,Just one month pregnant,Also broke through to the early yellow level,Become a cultivator。”
Brother Li said with an arrogant look。
“Master is really good。”
Miran who heard this,Said with envy。
But the face says so,But my heart is doubtful,Your mother is just one month pregnant,You didn’t even have a human shape for a while,Can still practice?