Then Shen Ruoxue continued to get tired of Liu Xiaoyun,Two people have fun,Started chirping and whispering whispers,Qin Liang couldn’t talk,I just went to talk to Yang Zhi and the others for a while,When I go back to Liu Xiaoyun’s ward,,I found that Shen Ruoxue was already lying on the bed with Liu Xiaoyun……
Watching two people talking and laughing intimately,Qin Liang is an envy,Jealous,I wish I could climb into bed,Lying in the middle of two little beauties,Enjoy the feeling of hugging left and right……
“Master, are you tired??”
Seeing Qin Liang sitting there alone in a daze,Liu Xiaoyun can’t bear it,It happened that Shen Ruoxue went down to the bathroom while chatting,Suddenly asked him。
Qin Liang was suddenly asked by her,My mind didn’t react,Answer smoothly。
“Your injury happened,Why don’t you go to Brother Yang Zhi’s ward,Lie down in their bed for a while。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with concern,Except for Yang Zhi who injured his legs,Qiangzi and Marin can get out of bed long ago,These two guys often leave Yang Zhi in the ward alone,Then the two of them ran downstairs together。
“You care about me so much?Why don’t you let me lie down on your bed for a while??”
Taking advantage of Shen Ruoxue’s absence,Qin Liang hurry up and start molesting Liu Xiaoyun……Anyway, idle is idle,I have to find something interesting to do……
“master,I’m talking to you seriously,Don’t make trouble?”
Liu Xiaoyun is a tangled……Care about him,This is good,Caught fire。
“I’m serious too,I want to sleep in your bed right now。”
Qin Liang has a chance,After all, there are very few opportunities to molest Liu Xiaoyun。
“Forget it,When i didn’t say anything……”
Liu Xiaoyun’s face turned red,She wouldn’t be afraid of any topic,But only on this topic,She is a little afraid of Qin Liang……the reason is simple:She has always loved Qin Liang in her heart。