“Of course it’s delicious,You can taste it。
“Can you ease the difficulty??”
Zou Zijie smiled bitterly,Said:“Those who never invent can never keep up with those who manage,They want to buy out,I am still hesitating。”
“why?”Jiang Fan is a little puzzled。
“Ha ha,My thinking is a bit pedantic,It can be said that it has the imprint of the times,This may also be an Achilles heel of my poor management。The reason why I hesitated,I think this will be a big market in the future。”Zou Zijie said。
“How big will it be?”
“unimaginable,People in the future will increasingly advocate a healthy and natural lifestyle,You are in KFC、Grilled corn at McDonald’s,All this kind of fresh corn,Treated with preservation technology,You can eat it all year round。The reason I don’t want to give to Americans is that I want to develop this market in China,Although the researchers can’t make much money,But the operator can make huge profits,Ha ha,I still have old ideas,Do not want Americans to occupy this market。”Zou Zijie said。
“but,Have you ever thought,You can research and cultivate,Americans can still be researched and cultivated,It’s just time,also,China at this stage,People just solved food and clothing,Will there be a market for this fresh food crop?Will someone come to do your project?and also,If you miss this opportunity for cooperation,Does it mean losing the opportunity forever?because,Transform scientific research results into productivity,Is the ultimate goal of every scientist,Especially for people like you who do breeding at their own expense,I think survival is the best policy。”Jiang Fan said。
Zou Zijie said:“Mayor Jiang,you are right,The teacher said the same to me,This is why I am currently hesitant。Not bad,As you said,Currently in the country,This kind of fresh food is really not accepted,In addition, it needs technical and financial support,I have contacted several major domestic food companies,They are all optimistic about this project,But it’s difficult to leverage the market,The difficulty lies in capital and technology,Mainly on people’s consumption concepts and marketing。Why did I make this breed,Is the memory of hungry when I was young,That year,Whenever it comes to,When the ration is not available,Sometimes I go to the field to steal the rice,Secretly cooked and ate at night,Ha ha,I still miss the taste of boiled corn。Went to KFC’s boiled corn again,Taste too bad,This is how the piggyback cultivated this breed。”
He said,Handed them a corn,Said:“Try this,Good taste,I increased its stickiness,Which is viscosity,Americans fancy this waxy。You may not realize,A variety from research and cultivation to national review and identification,Outsiders can’t experience the hardships,Like my own child,Have you ever heard of a parent willing to sell their children,For a little bit of silver?But in the desperate situation,There are also,Didn’t I also sell patents??The reason why I don’t want to sell this sticky corn is because I see its market prospects.,Otherwise, why should I study it??but,No one recognized,No one is willing to do this project,This kind of pain is sometimes worse than selling a child。”
“Yes,I can understand,But if you don’t sell now,Maybe it will be surpassed by peers or Americans next year,May be better than yours。”
“No one will surpass this temporarily,Because breeding is not something that can be done in a laboratory,It must be accumulated through the alternate day and night time to complete,Even if someone takes my materials now,Nurture now,It also requires a certain process。American counterparts are indeed doing,But Americans buy their own breeds,The price will be much higher than ours,They are the most efficient country,I am going to wait,It would be the best if you can find a husband’s house in China。As for your personal survival issue,At least my funding for this year has been collected。”Zou Zijie said contentedly。
Jiang Fan admires Zou Zijie,This is a pure scientific worker who has not been tainted by market interests,Not only has a simple value,Still have a heart of innocence,Such people may be among the scientists supported by the state,It’s rare?Zou Zijie,With the simplicity of a farmer,With the keen research direction of scientists,There is a pure heart that has not been nurtured by profit。Thought of here,He said: