“I can’t even eat rice?”Fan Wenliang glanced at him。
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Can eat,It’s just difficult to swallow,So I ordered egg custard。”
“Ha ha,young people,Where are you??I have difficulty swallowing?”Fan Wenliang said with his arms folded。
Wang Jiadong says:“Secretary Fan didn’t let you tell you before because I was afraid you couldn’t eat,You really can’t eat anymore。”
“Hehe。”Jiang Fan lowered his head and smiled。
“Is there no bottom in my heart??”
“I am not very worried about being elected,Because of you seniors,Just worry about the number of votes。”Jiang Fan is telling the truth,In kangzhou,Only these two people in front of you can turn the tide of elections,Others can’t do。He wants to get a good score,This year is just like asceticism,Be cautious everywhere,In order to have a perfect score by this time,Which student doesn’t want to get full marks?But obviously it can’t be done right now,After considering this point,With Ding Yi’s encouragement,He relaxes,Why should it be so perfect?As long as I can graduate in Kangzhou this year,You can get 60 points if you don’t get 100 points,This is something he wants to understand instantly。But for rice,He still has no appetite。
Fan Wenliang said:“Mayor Jiang is a person who demands perfection。”
“Ha ha,Kind of,Student,Who doesn’t want to take a high score,Light on face。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Mayor Jiang,Let’s have two drinks with the boss?”
Jiang Fan said:“As long as the boss drinks it, I’m fine。”