“I have always been so domineering,You know now?”
Liu Xiaoyun’s uncompromising answer。
“I want to go, you can stop it?”
Qin Liang deliberately asked provocatively。
“If you dare to go,I immediately found a boyfriend outside。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s eyes turned,Thoughtfully。
Qin Liang was speechless for a moment!There are still people who threaten people in this way!This Liu Xiaoyun is really a genius and beautiful girl!
“You now have two options:One is you stay,Second, I find a boyfriend,it depends on you,I was serious,You know I can do it all the time。”
Liu Xiaoyun sternly and seriously repeated what he just said to Qin Liang,of course,Depressed,Basically only Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun can hear,And there is no one around them at the moment。
“You actually used this method to threaten me?”
Qin Liang started frowning again……
“Not a threat,Is to stay。”
Liu Xiaoyun finally replied with a guilty conscience。