[Did you eat avocado?]_Have fire_Can you eat it?

Igniting is a proper term in Chinese medicine. It is mainly the problem of Igniting in the internal organs of the body, and there are some symptoms in other parts of the body.

And many foods in life may cause the problem of getting angry, and avocado is also a very prosperous fruit on the Internet in recent years.

However, because the taste of avocado is not the same as that of other fruits, many people are worried that eating avocado will get angry.

How much avocado is suitable? Avocado contains too much energy and is not suitable for large amounts. Normal adults recommend eating one at a time and eating 1 a day?
Two are acceptable. Do not eat large amounts. Excessive consumption may cause acne or obesity.

Are avocados getting angry? Avocados don’t get angry.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, avocado is a negative fruit, that is, cold. Consuming cool fruits will not cause fire, and it also has a certain fire reducing effect, and avocado contains a lot of supplementary fiber in the stomach itselfIt can absorb a large amount of water and toxins and replace them in vitro, and it can also relieve the fire and resonance caused by toxins.

Some people get acne after eating avocado. Some people think that it is getting acne after eating avocado. Actually, otherwise, we all know that avocado is an oily fruit. Its pulp is rich in unsaturated fatty acids.This fatty acid is beneficial to the human body under normal circumstances, but if a large amount of avocado is consumed or a large amount of fatty food is consumed while eating avocado, this will cause too much fat in the body and the body cannot completely consume it.There will be oil spills, improper cleaning and capillary hair, which will form acne.

This is not to get angry with avocado.

When is the best avocado to eat? Avocados are not the same as other fruits. The digestion and absorption of avocados requires the participation of lipid proteins on mucosal cells in the body. Therefore, certain fruits need to be consumed after meals, and blood will gather in the intestinal mucosa after eatingAt this time, the digestion and absorption function of the body is the strongest at this time, which can promote the full absorption of the nutrients in avocado.